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ICE Beauty Group was founded in 2010 with the clear mission of providing Scandinavian consumers innovative brands in beauty, wellness and personal care.



We offer brands a unique opportunity to reach the Scandinavian market through our distribution platform, with direct access to the leading retail chains in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

We go the extra mile for our brand partners and our core strength lies in our proven brand building skills, as well as our successful long-term relationships with the leading retail chains in Scandinavia.


We offer international brands an opportunity to comfortably enter the Scandinavian market of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. With team members and offices across all four countries, we cover a market of 27 million people with a strong consumer culture.

ICE Beauty Group is your Scandinavian distribution partner that handles the complexity of 4 different countries, 4 different languages, 4 different currencies and 4 different legal systems,

as well as a hard border to Norway.

Outside of Scandinavia, we also serve as a European distribution partner through our partnerships with Sephora and Douglas, offering 17 additional markets throughout Europe.

DALL·E 2024-03-13 18.32.00 - A vast panoramic view of a Scandinavian urban market bustling
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